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If you are concerned about the environment and want to encourage your pupils to help defend it, this website is perfect for you. You will find ideas for positive change – how to defend the natural world and promote peace.

World Watch
Are you interested in an ecologically sustainable society that meets human needs? Check out recent analyses and research that focuses on topics like climate change and population growth.

Environmental Defense Fund
This website discusses environmental problems as well as the impact of human activity on endangered species and describes its work toward solutions.

Live Earth
Would you consider encouraging your pupils to take part in World Environment Day? How about planting a tree or picking up the rubbish from your school area? This website offers ideas on how to participate in saving the Earth.

Friends of the Earth
Find out about environmental problems through Friends of the Earth's teaching resources, and try to encourage your pupils to discover solutions. The resources also suggest ways for young people to explore topics like citizenship and sustainable development.

Water Aid
This website gives you the opportunity to raise your pupils' awareness of sanitation and hygiene issues as well as how many people across the world struggle to get access to clean and safe water.

Amnesty International
A range of curriculum-linked resources can be found on this website to help you bring human rights issues into your classroom and help make the world a better place for all.

Animal Aid
This website will help you educate your pupils about moral responsibility towards animals. Animal Aid can supply you with educational materials about a variety of issues concerning animal welfare.

This website offers a wide range of ideas, resources and support for developing the global dimension in the classroom and the whole school, helping pupils to understand their world and make a positive difference in it.

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