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Two Figures Holding Hands

The Season of Good Will: Showing the Way (Key Stages 1 & 2: Citizenship)

Learning a New Language ... Under the Ocean (Key Stage 1: RE)

Caring Creatures (Key Stage 1: RE)

New Year's Resolution (Key Stage 1: Citizenship)

Talking Turkeys (Key Stage 1: Citizenship and Food Technology)

Fish are Friends (Key Stage1: PSHE, English and Art)

Spreading Deserts (Key Stage 2: Geography)

Taking Care of Your Companion Animals (Key Stage 1: English)

Zoos: Prison or Paradise? (Key Stages 1 & 2: English (1), PSHE (1) and Science (2) )

Life in the Freezer: Antarctica (Key Stage 1: English, Science and PSHE)

Easter Bunnies (Key Stage 1: English, Science and PSHE)

A Happy Tail (Key Stage 1: Science and PSHE)

Taking Care of the Environment (Key Stage 1: Science and PSHE)

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